Nonprofit Organizations
on AWS Cloud

REAN Cloud has vast experience and success in supporting Non-Profit Organizations (NPO) in various IT initiatives, such as improving their customer experience, helping them increase security on the AWS Cloud, and also helping them transform their business to deliver continuous innovation to their stakeholders. REAN Cloud offers NPOs key solutions built on cloud computing including - cloud native application migration and development, high security and compliance architecture to meet regulatory environments, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence that enable NPOs to re-imagine the way they support and serve their customers and members.

Next generation, cloud-based architecture is a strategic opportunity to break free of the hassle of maintaining in-house servers so their development and operations teams can focus on developing and delivering the differentiating features and capabilities of their services. The cloud offers NPOs the ability to transform how they serve and impact their mission areas and constituencies using technology previously only available to large corporations. Now they have it at their finger tips and REAN Cloud helps them build, operate, secure and manage it. REAN's DevOps platform enables efficient configuration and automation of technology to ensure scalability, optimize cost and provide effective security. For instance,  as NPOs develop new applications or SaaS solutions, REAN Radar provides continuous data collection and deep transparency into the environment for a variety stakeholders. This allows for continuous optimization for cost and performance with a few clicks of the button.

For healthcare companies, hospitals, or peacebuilding solution providers, the challenge of managing, processing, and securing a virtually endless array of complex information is growing by the second. REAN Cloud’s expertise turns your operation into an optimized machine to impact your mission area.

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, we have demonstrated success to deliver secure, innovative solutions, automation, elasticity, cost savings and peace of mind to non-profit organizations.

A fundamental REAN Cloud principle in enabling these transformative capabilities is to address security and compliance needs upfront. We embed necessary controls into the cloud operating environment via automation and adoption of Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC). This approach works especially well for non-profit organizations whose reputation is the primary driver of their success, and is a reason why REAN Cloud continues to deliver results for our customers in these competitive markets.

REAN Cloud leverages REAN Radar, REAN Deploy, REAN Test, REAN Assess, REAN Heal to help customers achieve results and compliance on the AWS cloud. REAN Cloud has engineered these tools to help simplify the task of meeting migration and compliance requirements.

REAN Cloud worked with a nonprofit peacebuilding organization to quickly bring to life its interactive web application to share data and insights into social and economic unrest around the globe.


The Platform will harness the power of big data to revolutionize the way cardiovascular research is performed and speed the promise of precision cardiovascular medicine. REAN Cloud was instrumental in bringing to life a rich and diverse data marketplace where researchers can work collaboratively and securely to advance cardiovascular outcomes with the speed and precision that has not been possible until now.

Jen Hall - PhD, Chief of the Institute of Precision Cardiovascular Medicine
American Heart Association

American Heart Association Success Story

The American Heart Association's ambition is to vastly improve patient outcomes by providing faster access to data, state-of-the-art tools, technologies and innovations that enable sharing and discovery. REAN Cloud helped implement this vision by launching a Precision Medicine marketplace around data to accelerate scientific discovery.


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Worldwide Incident Command Services Corporation (WICS) that incorporated the following core requirements:

WICS needed to migrate its emergency response Management platform, Raven,from its existing on-premises data centers to a more secure, reliable and agile environment. REAN assessed the unique needs of the Raven platform to Deliver a robust architecture in the AWS cloud that supports emergency operations and ensures mission-critical level performance.


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Smart Hospitals Success Story

A major not-for-profit healthcare network wanted to build an in-room concierge that reduces logistical questions for medical staff, improves patient satisfaction and survey response rates and tests whether a voice interface can improve patient/caregiver interaction while complying with HIPAA an applicable state regulations. REAN Cloud invoked Alexa development tools to implement a set of 5 skills that accounted for varying cultural backgrounds, dialects, levels of English proficiency and other factors while conveying sensitive or complicated information.


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Nonprofit Peacebuilding Organization Success Story

The nonprofit organization required a data-driven AWS partner who could help streamline the process of developing, as well as smoothly integrate the back-end and front-end technologies of its peacebuilding platform before revealing the project at a key event.


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