Platform overview from our experts

Secure Cloud Adoption

Reduce the time required as well as the need for specialized resources to migrate applications to the Cloud securely.


Ready To Use User Stories
User Stories from past story mapping experiences reduce probability of budget and cost overruns significantly.


Automated Assessments

Automated and continuous assessments deliver expert cloud infrastructure assessment reports.


Expert Methodology

Clear and crisp methodology to pilot in one business unit and use the same in all others units allows growth of all business services. 


Prepackaged Content

Prepackaged content based on industry standards increases engineer productivity.

Deployment Blueprints

Managed Cloud Rules

Healing Scripts

Ready To Use Dashboards

Accelerate your Cloud Adoption Journey

REAN Cloud's core belief is to enable small and large businesses to reap the benefits of cloud in a way that is CRISP - Clear, Repeatable, Innovative, Simple and Powerful. REAN does this by using automation modules and blueprints that are integrated to help achieve IT reference architecture pattern implementations.


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Here's how we do it

Deploy your workloads or applications in the Cloud

REAN Accelerator Platform enables you to quickly Rehost, Refactor, or Rebuild your applications in the Cloud. It provides automated image creation, pre-built pipelines, and multi-platform support.

Migrate your applications from a Data Center to the Cloud as servers or as containers in a secure, easy, and automated way.

Deploy and configure environments in the Cloud reliably and consistently.

Test your Cloud infrastructure, especially when you are delivering Infrastructure as Code

REAN Accelerator Platform enables you to automate one-time or continuous verification of your infrastructure, applications, and security in the Cloud. It provides infrastructure validation, pre- and post-deployment cost management, and event-based and scheduled checks.

Automate the assessment of your Cloud environment against cost, operations, and security standards and best practices.

Automate your testing by dynamically creating infrastructure to perform rapid, in-parallel cross-browser, performance, functional, scale, and infrastructure testing.

Manage your Cloud infrastructure effectively and continuously

REAN Accelerator Platform ensures that your applications are running consistently by helping you to quickly identify issues, drill down into the problem, and configure auto-remediation. It provides governance for Security, Cost and Ops best practices, persona-based dashboards, and remediation actions.

Leverage the governing service for Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts to assess, audit, and evaluate the configuration of AWS resources, and auto-remediate most of your frequently-occurring incidents.

Visualize real-time and historic Cost, Security, Compliance, Operations, and DevOps metrics using persona-based dashboards.

Quick Starts


Get the SCCA standard VDSS and VDMS blueprints


Industrial organizations can synchronize time series data and leverage next-gen analytics


Get started with a secure Industry Standard Datalake


Get a HA setup of Sophos for Unified Threat Management

Why REAN Accelerator Platform