REAN Accelerator Platform

REAN Clouds core belief is to enable small and large businesses to reap the benefits of cloud in a way that is CRISP - clear, repeatable, innovative, simple and powerful. The way REAN does this is through immaculate and well thought out automation modules that are detailed on this page. These automation modules are integrated in a way that enable and make IT reference architecture pattern implementations a breeze.

REAN Accelerator Platform democratizes cloud adoption and accelerates it through well built automation. It turbo charges enterprise digital transformation initiatives reducing transformation timelines from years down to a few months.



REAN Deploy is a deployment automation platform that enables you to deploy and configure environments in the Cloud reliably and consistently.



REAN Migrate enables you to migrate your applications from a Data Center to the Cloud as servers or as containers in a secure, easy, and automated way.




REAN Test is a cloud-based, DevOps-centric, test automation solution that dynamically creates infrastructure to perform rapid in-parallel cross-browser, performance, functional, scale, and infrastructure testing. 



REAN Assess automates the assessment of your cloud environment against cost, operations and security standards and best practices.



Rean Managed Cloud_40px Height 

REAN Managed Cloud is a governing service for Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts. It helps in assessing, auditing, and evaluating the configuration of AWS resources.



REAN Radar is an Operational Intelligence tool that enables you to visualize real-time and historic Cost, Security, Compliance, Operations, and DevOps metrics using persona-based dashboards.


Secure cloud implementation has been the biggest issue for all large enterprises particularly banking, defense, healthcare among others. REAN Cloud has spent years in automating it and providing blueprints to kick-start security efforts with a foundation of standards like NIST, SCCA etc. taming go-to-market timelines and reducing needs of expertise