Accelerate your FedRAMP efforts, and shorten the time it takes to prepare for your FedRAMP assessment with REAN Cloud's comprehensive set of FedRAMP documentation, cloud engineering, and managed services capabilities.

  • Benefit from a single source for all your FedRAMP advisory needs, from initial Gap Assessment to ongoing managed services and continuous monitoring.
  • Significantly reduce the timeframe of your FedRAMP effort, from inception to ATO, with the help of REAN's Accelerator platform, pre-built FedRAMP, and DoD SRG IL-4 and IL-5 templates and automate deployment and configuration of FedRAMP compliant 3rd party tools.
REAN Cloud's team of experts can help you leverage the cloud for your public sector efforts. Our deep understanding of FedRAMP security and compliance standards, combined with our cloud engineering expertise, can offer extensive FedRAMP coverage in your cloud architecture and documentation.

REAN Cloud Offerings


Organizational Security Posture Advisory

Engage while focusing on the people, processes, and technologies that comprise organizations to identify security controls and risks against a hybrid of industry-validated and federally mandated criteria.


Cloud Readiness Advisory

Identify specific solutions within the Cloud that will provide benefit to an organization. Provide specific planning to facilitate transformation to the cloud.


Security Compliance Advisory

Examine an organization’s security posture by identifying the potential security risks involved in selected IT environments to Cloud Computing models and security standards.


Continuous Compliance Consulting

Ensure continuous compliance with FedRAMP controls, including continuous monitoring and POA&M support.


Security Planning and Documentation Support

Review environment and author System Security Plan (SSP) and supporting documentation to ensure CSP is ready for formal FedRAMP assessment conducted by 3PAO.


Deploy Secure Foundation

Implement and configure cloud-native, third party software to meet FedRAMP-baseline control requirements.


Application Deployment & Migration

Deploy cloud service provider’s SaaS solution within FedRAMP environment and configure it to meet FedRAMP-baseline controls.


Managed Services (Operations)

Provide 24x7 operational support of FedRAMP cloud infrastructure including security, monitoring, log management, alerting, patching, back-ups and incident response.

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is a government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services.

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