Legacy App Migration Blog 1: Tackling Cloud Kryptonite – Overcoming Monolithic Architecture with REAN Cloud Superpowers

Enterprise systems are a complex mix of business processes, analytics and more. While it once made sense to address business needs in a large, monolithic application, this model no longer meets the needs of business. We’re no longer simply updating apps once or twice a year, we need to update weekly, or in some cases daily, and those sloths just can’t cut it.

We heard your call! REAN Cloud is here to help, and we’re bringing our native cloud superpowers with us!

The challenge lies in how best to migrate legacy apps into workable systems that allow you to write less code, focus on innovation, be flexible and scalable, and remain secure across the organization. And because no two companies are the same, we know the importance of remaining cloud agnostic.

REAN Cloud now brings the same innovative thinking and technology that allowed it to drive down the time, cost and complexity of creating infrastructure as code, to radically transform how monolithic apps are rebuilt into the cloud.  No more re-writing apps from scratch. It’s about creating streamlined, low-code environments that allow businesses and IT to update rapidly and change to meet new opportunities.

We break you free of the swamp to create a healthy ecosystem where data thrives – combining API-centric design and data lakes that serve as a foundation for applications and innovation.

From the following series of posts, we hope to arm you with an appreciation of the benefits of microservices, and the prospect of migrating those cumbersome applications into considerably more functional, easier to manage solutions. Here’s how we’ll get you on the right path:

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